Basics of How the Joomla CMS Helps Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are intensively involved in search engine optimization (SEO) and using Joomla to achieve SEO.

We can’t stress enough that two or three basic features of Joomla make SEO, especially the ongoing management of SEO, much, much smoother than ordinary websites.

The first feature is SEF (search engine friendly) URLs – which are native to the most recent version of the Joomla CMS. This tends to be the feature that most people think of and talk about, because it gets rid of the page addresses that are computer generated (index.php?option= etc etc) and gives you something human readable. The great thing about Joomla is that non-technical staff can make adjustments to those SEF page addresses easily using the administrative backend.

The second feature is that staff can also use the administrative backend to create and update descriptions and keywords for each page on the site. It seems like such a little thing — and yet SEO is all about fine-tuning, and so ease-of-use can make the difference between the fine-tuning happening and not happening!

And the third feature is the ease of editing the page content itself. Anyone who has done SEO knows that it’s not a one-time fix — it’s an ongoing process. When the going gets tough — the 17th time you go back in to tweak your page content — you’ll be really glad that you have a system that’s a joy to work with!